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Find me in the Marrow of Morning,

retrace the centipede's trail

on scented papyrus,

a gift from Osiris,

Keeper of mourning and me.


Will you not gild sorrow's veil

with nimble needle

threaded with fleece

that I plucked from the winged ram of Aries

for my immortal coverlet

rhymed in the Argonauts' tale.


In my mirror

write your yearning

and I will breathe life

in the aching reflection of you.


Don't fear! Don't fear!

Don't summon the tear

over the subterfuge

of godless angels.


Even Persephone

dare not endanger

or snuff out our flame.     


Flint of stone

sparked on bone,

crimson stylings,


this connubial bonfire

set eternally blazing

in the starburst

of my thrice-spoken name.

FIND ME by poet Ana Elsner originally appeared in Arkhai, Revue philosophique & projet transdisciplinaire, Numéro 14, 2009, Lausanne, Switzerland. Grateful acknowledgement is made to Ákos Dobay, Rédacteur.

: :

di Prima

Ana Elsner wrote this poem for fellow woman poet Diane di Prima.




unburdened yourself

of Brooklyn

of babies


your spindle


rebirthing yourself






The poem di Prima by Ana Elsner was published in Ambush Review, Premiere Issue, 2010


A prose poem by Ana Elsner
And isn't it made seductively easy for us to overlook these clusters of embedded larvae, voracious maggots, laid in the moist corners and dark crevasses of our ignorance? How madly our heads were set spinning by the pollsters and the carnival whores, bewitching us with shameless spectacle and boisterous campaign, while entrapping us with the viral confetti of tinsel clad and laminated lies. Remember, this invasive blight of systemic depredation took hold with little or no resistance, and began gestating in the body politic well before the lobbying and the song and dance, when we were festooned with the dankness of our sweat, with the yellow ribbons of our fear, with the ravishing and chronic blindness to an un-masked reality, which had been coming on, which was going on, which is ongoing. Face it, these implanted pupae of calamity, hosted by the soft tissue of our minds, they await awakening, excubation in unison, sly maturation into a clandestine army, that is self deployed to game out the thin membrane of our fortitude, to deconstruct intelligent compassion, to eulogize our innocence, and inject a powerful anti-coagulant so our seeping wounds can never heal.



Ana Elsner's prose poem INCUBATION was first published in Poetry Salzburg Review, PSR 17, Salzburg, Austria. Grateful acknowledgement is made to the editor, Dr. Wolfgang Görtschacher.

If you read German, please also see Gedichte von Ana Elsner, Ana's German language poems.