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A first collection of Ana Elsner's poems titled Ciphers Of Uncommon Origin was published in 2007. It presents a sampling of her early works, and earned considerable acclaim. Though now out-of-print, Ana Elsner's Ciphers remains available at libraries and on view in special collections on the East Coast and in San Francisco.

_7b_ANA-ELSNER.jpg Ciphers Of Uncommon Origin - Poems by Ana Elsner

28p.; 22cm.
InstaPLANET Press, Language Maker Poetry Series, 2007

indexed in World Cat, the world's largest bibliographic database:
OCLC Number 166553219.

A small selection of Ana Elsner's early poems
presented on 28 well groomed pages.

bestPeer Reviews
. "The rage comprised in the intellectual landscapes of Ana Elsner's lonely journey in poetic form disparages war and injustice with cries for the rebirth of human dignity and compassion. Elsner anchors this book in that very rebirth." - Jack Hirschman, Poet
"The poet Ana Elsner contributes a unique new voice of personal insight and of literary significance to modern American poetry." - Nina Feday, Writer
. "To create true poetry requires hunger and passion, and Ana Elsner has it, in spades." - Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Poet
"Ana Elsner writes from her heart, full of empathy for the fate of man. Hers is a sensitive soul which she is unafraid to lay bare. Her words ring true and hang in the air long after the page has been turned. Listen." - Terry Tarnoff, Author

bestReaders' Comments
"This poet takes a stand on human issues without romanticizing them. She has a very clear voice." - J.M.
"The poems by Ana Elsner are typically very high-density and packed with meaning, word-by-word. I find that I uncover even deeper layers of expression each time I revisit her poetry." - Claire S.
"I want to thank Ana Elsner for autographing her book of poetry for me. Ciphers Of Uncommon Origin will be one of my treasures and will go to Las Cruces with me. Each time I read one of Ana's poems for the second or third time, I make a new discovery." - Judy Fisher Lynch
"I recommend this book to all who appreciate a strong voice in contemporary poetry. In this selection of poems Ana Elsner presents a panoply of issues and topics, among them societal criticism, global awareness and visionary journeys of the heart and mind." - Zoe Ehrhardt

On View in Libraries and Special Collections

Poets House - National Library of American Poetry Books, the premier independent Poetry Library and Archive in the United States; New York, NY

San Francisco Public Library, SFPL Main, 3rd Floor, Poetry Collection; San Francisco, CA

University at Buffalo - The State University of New York, Special Collections - Poetry Cabinet, UB Libraries; Buffalo, NY