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Ana Elsner:

"I make it my mission as a poet to unchain my readers from any preconceptions, and use my poems to take them on a journey that leads beyond the boundaries of the conventional."

"Ich mache es mir zur Aufgabe als Dichter, meine Leser von den Fesseln des Vorurteils zu befreien,
und sie durch meine Gedichte auf einen Pfad zu weisen,
der weit über die Grenzen des Konventionellen hinaus führt."


Ana Elsner is passionate about writing wide-ranging poetry and prose in the German and the English language. Her poems and texts give testimony about the human condition as observed through her eyes. Ana rarely employs rhyme. Most of her pieces are prose poems, haiku or modified forms of haiku.
What to expect: Ana Elsner's poems are not soothingly narrative or easily entertaining, but are, in effect, interpretive and multilayered, inviting closer scrutiny and involvement. Her use of imagery is not meant to simply paint a picture, but to point at underlying context. See her prose poem Incubation, published by Poetry Salzburg and reprinted here on the Find Me page.
In her Windows series of short poems Elsner takes impressions from nature, from urban life or from personal encounters as a jumping-off point, and distills them down to three poignant lines.

Window Number Seven:
child gathering seashells
unselfconscious manifesto of sublime abandon
auspicious tidings


Window Number Nine:

screeching siren ambulance
rents in half congested one-way street
trailer of uncertain fate

Within the vast realm of literature Ana Elsner remains ambitious about raising the popularity and status of contemporary poetry in our fast paced world. In keeping with the times, she gives readings on live Internet radio, on podcasts and Public Access TV, and also maintains a video presence on YouTube in order to reach out to as large an audience as possible.

"Poetry is often overlooked among the literary genres. I am particularly interested in targeting folks that would not normally seek it out.
I believe that whenever I give newcomers to contemporary poetry a stimulating enough taste of it, arouse their curiosity, raise their temperature and spark their imagination, I can win them over and make them more receptive to the poet's voice."
Ana Elsner's poetry is published in Austria, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Italy and Romania. Poems by Ana Elsner are featured in literary journals, magazines and reviews and are included in poetry anthologies.
Ana Elsner is a 2010 Pushcart Prize nominee.
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Poetry is art and art is Poetry

"I want to ensure that poetry is not cloistered in academia or restricted in any way. In my writing and my public appearances I point out that poems, like the words they are made of, are a shared possession of all people." - Ana Elsner

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~ A page has been added that tells about the First Publication of a Poetry Collection by Ana Elsner.

~ If you speak German, read Zeitkleid, ein Gedicht posted on the In German page.

~ From the Page to the Stage: Ana Elsner is the Grand Prize Winner of the Artists Embassy International Dancing Poetry Awards. Her poem Duet was choreographed and set to music. Ana Elsner's winning poem has been incorporated into the repertoire of modern poetic dance theater and continues to be performed on various stages.